Vader blocked it with the Force and yanked it away from the Dark Knight grasping it in his hand. @sinestro_GL: @livinghorror: @TheCannon: @4donkeyjohnson: Thanks for reading guys! Location: Mustafar. The “wall” behind him slides open and Darth Vader strides through. The force is too powerful for many comic characters and without it they cannot protect themselves from its deadly effects It was well written and the pacing was good though. “You are fool to come here assassin!” snarled Vader unclipping his lightsaber. … Creditos a "Bat in the sun" por realizar un buen proyecto.Subtitulado por: EL DON “How are you able to resist me!” snarled Vader. Darth Vaders theme from Star Wars in the style of Beethoven . Batman ducked but was surprised by his speed as the tips of his Bat cowl were sliced off. About For Books Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. @batkevin74 This is really good. Very cool! Vader linked up with the Force and held Batman’s strike. Darth Vader senses something is amiss and heads towards Batman’s location. 0:48. Batman unclipped his thermite grenade from his belt and held it up, He thinks it’s something else “I go, you’re coming with me”, “My connection to the Force will protect me”, Batman and Darth Vader stared menacingly at each other. Vader was just enjoying some deviled eggs and that thug Solo fired on him like a coward! Library Darth Vader and Son (Star Wars Comics for Father and Son, Darth Vader Comic for Star Wars. Batman thrust an uppercut palm strike knocking Darth’s head backwards and snatched the lightsaber out of his grip. 0:30 . Comic Twist of #Batman Vs Darth Vader ~ #Pinterest #duel Seconds felt like hours as they each planned their next move, “Batman?” Oracle’s voice cut through the tension, “Calling reinforcements” mused Vader “Two can play that game”, “If I ever see you again,” stated Batman “I’ll end you!” Batman threw the grenade at Vader’s feet as he pixelated green and vanished. Thanks :). Batman vs Darth Vader Comics and Graphic Novels Topic Archived; Page . @batkevin74: Nice story, Bats would get stomped, but PIS is everywhere now :P. @batkevin74: Wow amazing very good balanced !!! Because they are both at the top of their own respective food chains. Chewie using the Force to detect Vader before that racist brother kisser Leia. Sad for Jedi Master Eeth Koth. Plasma blade wielded by a telekinetic Batman sized up his opponent, What’s with the breathing? Has Bane done anything since breaking Batman. Thanks for reading, MEGA Bump coz you asked so nicely batkevin :), @Bane_of_sith: Thanks man. Darth Vader of course, because I bet Bruce would fanboy just as hard as the rest of us if he really met Darth Vader. SuperHeroFan. Darth Vader stared at his opponent and advanced swinging his lightsaber. Here's the first thing I ever posted up on Comic Vine :), I enjoyed! Batman crouches near an access port trying to hack into the alien yet familiar computer system. Vader vs. Batman would kind of be like Darth Helmet vs. Captain Lone Star from Spaceballs. Darth Vader is owned by Lucasfilm Ltd/Dark Horse Books. Batman teleports onto the Death Star in a JLA teleporter malfunction. Vader slid the lightsaber from his arm. “I am Darth Vader! The most famous villain in Star Wars, if not all of pop culture, most probably think of Darth Vader's striking black armor, his crimson lightsaber, or James Earl Jones' booming baritone whenever the Sith Lord's name is mentioned. Thanks for reading. Thanks :). Batman instinctively hurls three mini-batarangs at the intruder. Now playing: BF1, XCOM2, Rocket League, Scrap Mechanic. BATMAN vs DARTH VADER. Darth Vader senses something is amiss and heads towards Batman’s location. Batman may be more popular world wide but it's not the same Batman. “Parlour tricks are nothing compared to the Dark Side of The Force.”. :). Article by Joseph William. This time out, our topic is Versus. “Eventually but not today,” Batman retorted as he drew two batarangs and assumed a stance. ... Batman and the Outsiders Vs. Darth Vader. Another swipe with lightsaber grazed Batman’s cowl melting through the Teflon and lead layerings down to his hair. 1:55. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. But with what you've said, why doesn't Vader do that all the time? Batman Gets His Revenge In This Alternate Version To The Epic ‘Batman vs Darth Vader’ Battle. So what did you think? This topic contains spoilers - you can click, tap, or highlight to reveal them. Do you really want to bump forever...:) Hopefully you know the song otherwise this post may come across as a tad creepy... © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. @batkevin74: it's great for a first post! I appreciate it. Vader’s fingers left deep grazes in Batman’s throat as he escaped the vice-like grip. Now, however, thanks to the latest issue of Marvel’s Darth Vader, we know what would have happened if the Chosen One ever went toe-to-toe with Darth Sidious. It's like, Believable. I didn't create Batman, Darth Vader, Oracle, lightsabers, The Force, Andy Franklin* or any of that, as they are owned by their respective creators & licences. Vader flattened the grenade with the Force and lashed out futilely as Batman faded away, “I will find Batman” shouted Darth Vader telepathically “And you will die by my hand”, The words echoed in Batman’s head as he returned the thought, *****Batman is owned by DC Comics. WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Darth Vader #9 by Greg Pak, Raffaelle Ienco, Neeraj Menon, and VC's Joe Caramagna, on sale now.. Everyone remembers the tragic and painful moment where Darth Vader is constructed following his catastrophic duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi.While it was tough to watch, it helped reassure viewers that Palpatine still wanted to keep Vader as his … of 5; Next ; Last ; You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. By the way woo hoo to me 1100 views! Batman. @Lvenger: Thanks. Darth Vader is rumored to be getting his own solo series on Disney Plus, as Lucasfilm continues to rely on the past. Plus sur. Batman smashed his foot into Vader’s chest sending him backwards then set upon him trying to disarm him. Vader gasped, wheezed and stumbled as Batman tried to break the vice like grip. Completed Sci-Fi; Marvel; Name: Darth Vader (2017) Alternate Name: Star Wars: Darth Vader: Year of Release: 2017: Author: Charles Soule Views: 99154: Rating: Average 5.00/5 out of 1 total votes. Batman narrowly dodged as the blade sheared off part of his cape and responded with a low sweep kick which barely moved due to Darth’s bionic leg. That's not even a word and i agree with him. I'm surprised I'm just getting around to reading this. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I just put the two together in this fan-fiction. So funny LEGO Star Wars commercial - The whole force in small size ft Darth vader. If midichlorians were a tangible thing, I'm confident Batman could formulate a scientific countermeasure. “What are you?” snarled Batman getting to his feet. I'm not a Star Wars fan, and I still liked it. Vader is popular but it's always essentially the same Vader. Vader’s respirator worked overtime trying to pump the impurities out of his system. He was one of the first Jedi Council members I remember learning about since his similarity to Darth Maul. Jan 8, 2015 - A blog presenting covers to imaginary comic books featuring the greatest team ups that never happened... but should have! 23. @wildvine Forever bump, I want to be forever bump! 21 juin 2017 - Batman vs Darth Vader DC Comics vs Star Wars Report. Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader VS Red Goblin & Venom. I tried to keep it balanced. Guardians of the Galaxy ripped off Farscape. The latest issue of Star Wars: Darth Vader reveals that the Sith Lord is out to uncover Palpatine's secrets and take revenge on his master. The batarangs fizzled and popped and the lightsaber grazed him down his right forearm. Cartoon. “How do you like it?” snapped Batman as he raised the lightsaber and brought it down towards Darth’s hand. Signaler. And a random try for the @G-Man ..I live in hope :), Casual bump and trying, like a mofo to get @G-Man to read this :), Hey @X35 have you read this? Would be a great prelude to *drum rolls* Star Wars Vs. DCU *bum bum bum*, Nice, real nice. New fan art for the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi show on Disney+ imagines how the Jedi Master's emotional rematch with Darth Vader will go down. Vader strode forward and swung his weapon trying to decapitate Batman. This man could be a great asset if turned to the Dark Side, but he’s far too dangerous he thought. Batman jammed the lightsaber through Vader’s arm, but the grip continued. All rights & copyrights reserved. 0:32. Batman jammed the batarang into Vader’s knee. Same for you @ChaosBlazer ? But Batman is a franchise. Oh the picture on the right was drawn by Bob Luedke, commissioned by myself, which is probably under copyright by once again the two said creators of Batman & Darth Vader*************, *Andy Franklin is the real name of the 2nd Human Bomb btw. Darth merely raises his hand and blocks the strange objects. I always find it funny comparing them popularity cause Vader is just one person. Apr 4, 2015 - A blog presenting covers to imaginary comic books featuring the greatest team ups that never happened... but should have! Two of my favorite characters of all time, battling it out and being a couple of bad a****! Jen. daislath. 2 #19 :). Dark Vador. This topic contains spoilers - you can click, tap, or highlight to reveal them. I’m not here to fight.”. “Get off!” Vader roared in anger throwing Batman off with another Force shove but he used its momentum to roll with the blow. Batman back flipped away to take stock of the situation. Equaly balanecd so neither really wins or losses but set sit up nicely for as @Onemoreposter suggests Star Wars Vs DCU :), @Onemoreposter: I like the idea...we'll see :), @batkevin74 one with star killer would be cool, @RedRobinTimDrake: Hmmm seems my Batman Vs Star Wars has some fans and some potential. @The_Thunderer: Well I tried to keep it balanced, and Batman does get really hurt and thrown around, @batkevin74: you're most certainly welcome, @YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Thank you! of 5; Next ; Last ; You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Cool. À suivre. “Perhaps I can find ways to motivate you,” the snap-hiss of the red lightsaber ignited. "A lot of good people have slept with prostitutes." armando-louis. Whereas the bounty hunter Boba Fett only four lines of dialogue, and Darth Vader really only dueled two people throughout the original trilogy, both became towering pop culture icons thanks to the non-canonical Star Wars Expanded Universe. Batman drew his grappling gun and fired it at the Sith Lord. May 5, 2016 - If you’ve looked at your calendar, you’ve probably noticed that today is May the 4th, i.e. “Andy Franklin” stated Batman as the gun exploded in Vader’s hand causing him to flinch. @batkevin74: Wow dude great read, awesome action going on! Star Wars has been delving into its past in recent months with two comic-book series set after The Empire Strikes Back. Nice fight between these two. The most fearsome villain of all time returns with an all-new series! Why? Vader raised his hand and threw Batman with the Force against the wall, clearing the smoke. 6 years ago | 1.5K views. Vader gasped as the smoke permeated into his helmet and into his lungs. JLA Vs Star Wars...last time I ask, promse....welll maybe :), @PrinceMarvel here's a crossover idea I did a while ago, @batkevin74: found this piece of ancient history, @primepower53: Ha ha first thing I posted I think. Playing next. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Goodnight Darth Vader (Star Wars Comics for Parents, Darth Vader Comic for Star Wars Kids) For. His first step is to obtain a crimson lightsaber, the signature weapon of the Sith. Awesemic may also work... :), Lets see if I can get @G-Man to read this, hey @G-Man I know you're busy but if you want a quick read...well just saying :). He'd just end people like Boba Fett, Han Solo when they fought but he doesn't, which is why Batman is a good match, whilst not a Jedi he's had mystical martial training which could help him. Darth Vader (2017) Darth Vader (2017) Follow. To have your child taken away without even being able to hold him first. Vader would win but this is still a great way to play out the fight. Vader shoved Batman into the wall with the Force. Batman weaved backwards as the humming blade nearly decapitated him and smashed his fist into Vader’s side, to almost no effect. Ask someone 20 people to draw Batman and you can probably figure out roughly what age they are based on the Batman they draw. (Re: Vader and the force) Perhaps Batman had a shower just before and washed the midichlorians off him or maybe just used a can of Lysol to clean up that pesky force ;) Awesome story Kev (now if I could only entice you to an M&M; game), @Prankster: Thanks, Batman takes down the Dark Lord of the Sith with some Glen 20 and antiseptic :) Soon for M&M when my schedule clears up, @BlackArmor: Thanks, I like Episome! The latest issue of Marvel's Star Wars comic reveals how Luke Skywalker first discoverers Darth Vader's real name. “Impressive, but futile” mocked Vader pressing forward swinging his weapon. Pretty well written! Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. “You talk too much” stated Batman throwing some smoke pellets into Darth’s face. Using two of the most badass characters in the process makes this pretty sweet! Browse more videos. “You are a worthy opponent,” seethed Darth Vader “But you are no match for the Dark Side of the Force!”, “You...ain’t seen...nothing!” Batman hoisted his knees up and doubled kicked Vader square in the chest. By the time of Star Wars: A New Hope the Jedi Knights were all but extinct. 2: Shadows and Secrets (Darth Vader (2015-2016)) [R.A.R] Nonchalantsavio. “I’m not an assassin. The latest issue of Marvel's rebooted Star Wars comic series has … Batman travels to the Death Star to battle Darth Vader. Follow. Would you read this? Star Wars Day. Vader lashed out and grabbed Batman by the throat and lifted him skyward. I am the Dark Side of the Force!”. After the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Darth Vader is thrust into his Sith training. Mister Buzz. of 5; Next ; Last ; You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. I like it. Thanks for tagging me, it was really well written and they seemed to stay in charactor. I'm glad you read, commented and liked my effort. 7:09.

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