A day later it is still sore when I close my eye tight and somewhat red, but my vision is not affected. The box and bottle are clearly labeled, and it is my fault, but I don’t think this product is safe anymore just for this reason. Rinsed contacts this morning and burnt one eye. Will try saline next but I am really scared to put anything in at this point. All hell broke loose. DID any one of you ever put contact lenses back after this injure? I was so worried I’d go blind. Really glad to see that I’m not the only idiot out there, though my adventure isn’t nearly as bad as everyone else. I am the first fool to do this in 2016 and comment! Had a speck of dust in my eye this morning and rinsed with the wrong contact solution. At a closer look at the bottle, it says “One bottle Solution” instead of the typical “All in One Solution” that a normal bottle would say. Hope this helps anyone else who failed to read the label carefully like I did. I asked my boyfriend to bring me a bottle of contact solution from the medicine cabinet. so glad I found this forum. Like everyone else, I am now another statistic. P.S. I’ve used Clear Care for a year and had no problems with it. It’s 18 hours later and I am still in pain. The first 24 hours Dr. recommended an eye lubricate (such as Blink tears.) I’m soaking my lens in optifresh, hoping that no unneutralized Clear Care is lurking in them. I will be throwing Clear Care away today. I know how you all feel i been on two days with this . Enough time to neutralize, right? Getting the contact out and rinsing with lots of water had not helped; the pain was getting even worse. I wear hard contacts and ran out of my solution and decided to use my husband’s (which have done before in a pinch). The next I knew there was a burning in my eye as if soap got in it (but 100x worse) and I actually screamed while burying my face into a towel. well Karen, not everyone is negligent. As a graphic designer myself, I say to CIBA Vision…POOR DESIGN!!!! WTH ??? Also I will keep a bottle of saline solution in the bathroom for the days I am in a hurry, tired, sick or whatever that might slow down my thought processing, OR better yet, for the days when we have guest who realizes she doesn’t have her solution and uses the first bottle looks like a saline solution from the vanity. No one would put a toxic substance in a typical soda can. How it happened: Late night last night. I’ve been wearing contacts for 40+ years and never had this problem before. I have been wearing contact lenses for ove 20 years. I used Clear Care for the first time last weekend after wearing my lenses for a party. I did not even know they still made solutions that were NOT multi-purpose, clean, store, rinse. I was taking my kids skiing this morning, and now we have to stay home. Anyway. I’ll be sticking to other brands for now on. Thanks for all the posts. I hope there is no lasting damage from this mistake. So when I woke up this morning, lazily, I went into the bathroom and rinsed my lenses in this put the lense on the tip of my finger and put it in my eye. This product should be discontinued. Both CLEAR CARE ® and CLEAR CARE ® PLUS take your lens care to the next level with Triple Action Cleaning power, but only CLEAR CARE ® PLUS has the exclusive HydraGlyde ® Moisture Matrix, which surrounds your lenses with long-lasting moisture. I accidently put Clear Care (3% H202) on my contact lens as a final rinse. I’m an educated person with a master’s degree, work as a director of computing, have worn contacts since I was 12 years old, and am now 53. The tears were unbelievable! I just grabbed a bottle under the sink thinking it was saline solution and OUCH, my eye is fiery red and hurts a lot. Only thing to be afraid of is corneal damage…if the redness doesn’t go away after 7 to 10 days, consult and ophthalmologist. It is a danger to the public. It’s not “Ciba vision’s fault” they clearly labelled the package: DO NOT put in eyes! I found your site after having this awful experience myself. Bottom Line…How can something that shouldn’t go directly in the eye be packaged exactly the same way as a million other products made to go directly into the eye???? Her eye was red the whole day. Ridiculous to think that users are liable for their own pain. It clearly says DO DONT PUT DIRECTLY IN EYES. Don’t buy this shit, not worth making a mistake and starting your morning off to such a GREAT start! Yeah it happened to me as well… twice! At this point I was so traumatized I couldnt even bear the thought of putting some other type of liquid in my eye so needless to say I did the dumb thing and kept it closed I am using lubricant eye drops, but wow this should not be on the market. Thought about calling 911 while I rinsed my eye under runnning water for 20 minutes – jumped on google first and found you guys. It has made me wary of all solutions now, and I will be joining in whatever Class A lawsuit is going down on this one. In the past, I had to take my contacts out after about 6 hours because they started to get “greasy”, but when I used Clear Care (properly), I can wear them til I’m ready to go to bed. He tried to say he was just giving it to me to take home after. My wife just made a trip to China and she took one of the bottles in a rush without consulting with me. Written by someone who has never done this, I’m sure. THE PAIN THE PAIN THE PAIN!!! This is one mistake I doubt I’ll make twice; the memory is too vivid. They recommended that I come in for them to rince my eye with 1 liter of saline water and they were going to check my eye for any scratches. It was only after I got the contact out and rinsed my eye with water that I realized I was holding my bottle of Clear Care instead. I’ve been using the Clear Care solution for 6 months. It’s not hurting now, but it is pretty red and feels dry quickly. First-aid instruction on the website does not count. I hope someone sues. My son feigned interest in opening his gifts before heading off to bed with his flaming red and excruciating painful eye. The bottle with the blue label and “no rub” marked in bold text is supposed to be my friend. I ended up staying at a friend’s overnight on Fri and did not have my contact lens case or solution with me. The same thing happened to me this morning. Since I have been a contact lens wearer for years, I did not read the box or label. They guy at the desk was really busy and handed me the box of contacts and I said that I would like to try them on before I leave. I have been using this product for months and felt like it was cleaning my contacts so much better than saline. As for comfort, Clear Care is great, especially when used in conjunction with Boston deposit remover and Refresh Celluvisc. Happened to me an hour ago. Opened and rinsed my lens. Pain that followed (follows) is much worse. Pingback: imonglue.com » RE: I got clear care contact lens solution in my eye! After about 5 hours the burning and pain intensified to where it felt like someone was pushing a stick into my eye. Optician recommended this stuff to help with my (drumroll) … dry eyes. HOLY CRAP did it burn like hell. It doesn’t even have any instruction on what to do if you get the crap in your eyes. It also makes them more comfortable to wear. Now my sinuses are getting messed up from all the tearing and rinsing. This company really needs to do somthing so that this dosnt happen, not only could we all have damaged our precious eyes, but we also had to deal with excrutiating pain that can only be described by putting acid into your eye! I immediately removed the lens and flushed my eye with water and 2 hours later my eye is feeling fine but still a little red. The only reason I bought this stuff was because it was on sale at Target. Damn, you all reckless as hell. But still you and clear care can sincerely fuck off. They need to say exactly that in BIG LETTERS bc then no one will do this, nor will they buy it. Waited three hours, then attempted to put a lens in. I hope this site has given you some insight! Not to mention, the whole side of my face feels like I was punched. So even though I did what I was supposed to, and if had been working fine for about a month, it burned, my eye is read, it hurts, I’m SOOO pissed. My fault ,,,didn’t read it..(yes blind without corrective lenses) but my complaint is the warnings and precautions, treatment..says see box…Well that is in the garbage. And I ruined a new lens ripping it out as fast as I could. It is very easy to confuse this bottle for a regular saline bottle. When I picked it up the cashier said, “oh look, you got another $3 off coupon, for the same stuff!”. I just did this too. This solution is part of a unique cleaning system that most contact wearer’s don’t use. Then I made a BIG mistake of letting the remaining two bottles around in the cabinet. This happened 6 hours ago and I’m still in pain and thinking of going to emerge. It just looked like another colored strip on the bottle to me, not a WARNING. I rinsed imeddiatley and put polysporine drops in my eye then Blink eye drops many times. RIGHT. Same thing happened to me last night. Luckily, I was able to fish it out from all the hair and gunk down there. I’m doing what’s recommended: rinsing with large amounts of water, putting saline drops and taking ibuprofen. It is now 8 pm. I’m in the middle of the trauma right now :( :(. and on this small little bottle after closer inspection i see this tiny red strip across the top saying in small lettering that i can only read with my glasses on “Use only lens case provided..Do not rinse lens with Clear Care prior to insertion”. Has anyone followed up on the class action idea? This was yesterday and this morning it was a little better. I knew that you weren’t suppose to put it in your eye but when I put my contacts in after soaking them all night they were still kinda dirty, where I could see like little speckles on one. Clear Care must be used with a special case that contains a platinum ring that neutralizes the peroxide after about six hours. Ciba Vision should advertise this product as “chemical/Acid contact cleaner” instead of “Contact solution” which consumers would thought to be the regular contact solution they had used for years. I didnt know it was the solution, so i toughed it for about an hour. I was at my parents swimming w/ my little boy and we got out and dried off and my contacts were a little dried out and foggy. If it has to be kept on the shelves, then maybe it shouldn’t be placed next to saline, but placed next to the bleach containers in the laundry aisle or next to the hydrogen peroxide bottles in the first-aid aisle. !” I’m so mad and upset about this whole experience! I cleaned my contacts the night before and forgot to put the bottle of Clear Care under the sink where I store it for just this reason. he’s not sure when/if I can wear contact lenses ever again Yes, the tip is red… but, hello, those of us wearing contacts are VISION-IMPAIRED and in an emergency it it just to easy to mix them up! i went to the bathroom, opened the cabinet and saw Clean Clear calling to me. It is red, swollen, watery, scratchy, and HURTS so much!! This morning when i removed it from the case it looked cloudy so I rinsed it with CC and put it in my eye. I am extremely nearsighted, but can see the warning. It clear states in multiple places on the bottle: Red tip is warning not to put Clear Care into your eye. © 2020 Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. We use cookies and other technologies to enable core functionality on our website(s) and to provide you with a personalized experience. Blah blah blah it burned like a mother.You all know that if you read this far down. I thought the case was strange…the last time i had seen that design was over ten years ago! He said , “just make sure you let them soak for 6 hours.” Had he said, “make sure you read the box” or “this is not a typical cleaner,” I would have been a little more cautious. PROTECT YOUR EYES PEOPLE! see pic; I noticed it had a red spout under the cap & thought I read all the directions, and noted it saying, “No final rinse w/ saline is necessary”, so, I squirt it on my contact, put it in my eye, and… Another one bites the dust. I too am pretty much blind without glasses or contact lenses and like most people who have posted… reached for the wrong solution to clean the lens once more before putting it into my eye. Haha, guess it’s my turn to share my story…(: And then it felt like my eye was glued shut. Or was it? I did the same thing as everyone else and the way my eye looks is scaring my co-workers. First of all, when they say do not rinse, do not squirt in eye — they need to make clear this is a WARNING IT WILL BURN YOUR EYE!!! Also I flushed with bottled water and felt sooo much better than tap. I WILL NEVER USE THIS AGAIN. The same thing happened to meh bloody hell it kills. I burned badly, I was able to remove the contact, but it has been dry, pink and uncomfortable for hours. there is a eye wash you can buy and help so much . I studied the various lens cleaners, all on the same shelf at the Pharmacy…Renu is along side this crap. I picked it up thinking it was another no rub solution like the rest and didn’t bother to read anything since I though it was just like all the other solutions next to it. I already had a swollen eye to start the day with, then i buy this solution and (after screaming) yanked my eye open to get the contact out. OMG…over three years and this is still happening? The product is too easily confused with other solutions that aren’t harmful to the eye, even with the bit of red color on the bottle. Please contact your nearest store for availability and quantity limitations. A suggestion for everyone put a rubber band around the bottle so you know next time when you pick it up it is the bad bad stuff. A red tip on the bottle and a small-script warning is supposed to be enough??????

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