If you're thinking about doing a triathlon, this whole "cult of the aerodynamic" can be intimidating at first. So which do you choose for your triathlon needs? You do not need to use a triathlon bike to compete in a triathlon and you are able to use road bikes as an alternative. Do you need a triathlon bike for 70.3 and Ironman races? Bike GPS. During a triathlon you spend the bulk of your time on the bike, so it’s vital to ensure you’re ready for any hiccups that could dent your chances of doing well, or even more critically, completing the course. A triathlon bike will always be faster than a road bike. You can certainly tweak and modify a road bike for the task but, without the steep seat angle and other … Get some clip-ons first and see how much faster you go and how far up the ranks you move. It wouldn’t be impossible; you’d just be at a serious disadvantage if you wanted to set a competitive time. Do I need a triathlon or road bike? While a hybrid bike … You know a few local races have your name on them and you want to podium in front of friends and family. It may not be as fast, but it’s not necessarily slow either. For long-course racing, your aero position has to be comfortable, sustainable and allow you to run a marathon when you get off. JARED MILAM is a professional triathlete, TriDot coach, and member of the Tri4Him Pro Team. Now you’re seriously wanting to race, but you haven’t set your sights on something like Kona yet. Determining what type of bike you want to ride is only the first step, however. We would recommend a Taster (200m Swim, 5.3km Bike, 2.5km Run) or Novice distance (400m Swim, 10.6km Bike, 2.5km Run). So depending on how serious you take the sport will determine how much you are willing to pay. You do not need a trisuit but it can make a triathlon easier and quicker. As a seasoned triathlete and a coach, I’ve heard this question a lot. The competition on both the male and female side in nearly all age groups is cutthroat. You don’t need all that triathlon stuff, and if you really, really want to have aero bars, you can get clip-on aero bars for any road bike handlebar setup. You can certainly tweak and modify a road bike for the task but, without the steep seat angle and other differentiating features of a TT bike, it’ll always be a compromise. You will need a triathlon bike. Seriously, you don't need a snazzy triathlon bike to do well in one of these races. Also essential for the cycle are a helmet and water bottle. 220 bike experts Rob Banino and Nik Cook take up the question…. Any advice is greatly appreciated! But triathlon bikes are also much more expensive. If the saddle needs to be right at the top to feel comfortable then you probably need a bigger frame size. 4 Do I need to improve my aerodynamics? For many, a road bike may better serve you and there is nothing wrong with riding a road bike in a triathlon. It means that you are getting solo miles to prep for your next race, then, you must start getting into the pure aerodynamics triathlon bike or a proper triathlon bike that is made to help you go fast, and in a straight line. Immediate Media Company Limited, 30 Sept 2012. Would I be allowed to participate using a hybrid bike (MTBish frame with slimmer wheels)? At this point there’s virtually no question. Coaching under the TriDot system since 2011, Jared loves working with aspiring triathletes of all ages and performance levels. That’s why part of your budget for buying a TT should go towards some durable training wheels. Depending on your cycling ability or the level of competition you’re up against or both, a triathlon bike may still not be necessary. So don’t despair if you can’t spend a fortune on a dedicated tri bike for Ironmans, because you can still be competitive on a road bike with some clipless pedals and clip-on bars – and the right training. And if you’d ever like to bike with a group of cyclists, they’ll probably shun you if all you have is a tri bike. On your bike, here’s where you can mount your computer. You can unsubscribe at any time. If those distances look short to you, remember that it’s more about getting used to putting the three together and getting used to the complexities of transition. chippyk Posts: 529. Provided it’s got a full and functioning complement of wheels, saddle, frame, gears, brakes and bars, it’ll get you through any 70.3 or Ironman bike leg. I have a Garmin Fenix 3 multisport watch which I either have on my arm or attach to the bike's bars for training. Should I put my triathlon bike away for winter? Russell Burton. Triathlon bikes are almost worthless outside of triathlon and time trialing. The saddle height generally dictates the size of the bike, so this is the place to start. No, you generally do not want to buy a triathlon specific bike your first year or two in the sport. However, one thing is universally true. Do I need a trisuit? When necessary, we will 8 of the best bike race wheels under £2,000, 3 entry-level triathlon bikes, under £2,500, reviewed. If you’re going down the TT route, I’d strongly advise getting a professional bike fit. If you have clip on pedals then you will need clip on bike shoes. There are Sprints (Swim 750m, Bike 20km, Run 5km), Olympic (Swim 1500m, Bike 40km, Run 10km), Half Ironman (Swim 1900m, 90km, 21.1km), or Ironman (Swim 3800m, Bike 180km, Run 42.2km). We look at the evidence If this is your first Duathlon, you do not need an expensive bike to begin with. How long will it take you to complete your first Ironman? In fact, you can still be pretty competitive on a road bike with some solid training and coaching. Modern triathlon bikes are much more sophisticated with storage solutions, integrating them into the bike design, eliminating the need for retrofitted parts. So you’ve entered your first triathlon but you’re worried about needing lots of expensive equipment? TriDot and the TriDot logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Predictive Fitness, Inc. in the US and other countries. The reasoning for a triathlon bike is to enable a triathlete to complete the bike leg and move into run with enough energy in your legs to finish. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. In fact, most recreational triathletes can get very close to the performance of a tri bike with three steps: That last parenthetical applies mostly in scenario 3. The aero position can account for up to a 14% improvement in the coefficient of drag and potentially 12.5% power savings. Posts. Don’t believe me? You can commute on a TT bike but I wouldn’t recommend it. You will need a triathlon bike. Others who have a few races under their belt want to know if what they’re riding is right for them. That’s when you’ll adapt to it and you can tweak it to you. The studies have shown that even with clip-on aero bars you’re going to save a tremendous percentage of power and time.

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