Report:fished george site, hour down to low and one hour back up, slow gowing up to slack water and o the turn but was having minimal intres untill my rod was smashed clean of the rod rest< at first i though it was a bird but my line was free of any critters on retrival it gave a good account of itslef and finally wen the fish was beached it turned out to be a very welcom 9 1/2 pound bass, a very good start to the bass season and cant wait to get back down for another session tight lines everyone, Report:gave pwllfanogl a go last friday night in the hope of a few codling...not to be..sea bed must have been covered with dogfish good to be out though...tight lines, Report:tryed to fish the swelles on sunday had we would also recomend taking a boat and fishing in the mouth of the strait,middle but watch out for under the bridges because of strong curents and changing tides. The Strait is also a marine Special Area of Conservation (SAC), with a rich variety of habitats including sea inlets and estuaries, mud and sand flats, lagoons, salt marsh, shingle beaches, sea cliffs and submerged limestone reefs ( Report:Fished from high tide last night for 2 hours, caught 2 dogfish to 3lb. Report:Fished the incoming tide on the green under menai bridge. Report:NOT A BITE!!! The rivers Alaw, Cyfni and Sioent all flow in to the straits which provides all the estuarine water fish a place to feed and live also for such fish such as Salmon and Seatrout. Stand up paddle board (SUP) experience up the Menai straits with Sian Sykes (she is getting rather famous in these parts from teaching Robson green on ITV’S Coastal lives (link below!)) Report:After an uneventfullnight yesterday, we decided to try again this evening,I fished with my brother Dave who was up from Brighton for a short break,We fishe d the straights by the Anglesey riding stables,we cast 20 yards into the weed and where straight into fish,I lost the first one in the weeds,about half an hour later dave hooked a good one ,and shortly before packing up he hooked another. Go and spend an afternoon exploring  Penrhyn Castle just off the shores of the Menai strait. Report:Fished over low In the Swellies.Put fresh Mackeral head and guts on for a conger.Busy setting up 2nd rod and my rod goes over once and something starts to take line.Pick up my rod just before It flies out of the rod rest.Strike and the fish shoots downtide.Start to retrieve and the fish which I think must be a big Conger keeps diving for the weed.I then see something role on the surface then dive again.Imanage to get It back to the surface and land It.A monster Bass of 9LB.Photographed and witnessed and released to fight another day.It was such a beautiful fish there was just no way I could keep It. Delicious .. p.s. Its is an ecological underwater rainforest and haven. From near foot Britannia Bridge. Doggie City with loads of small Codling and Whiting. Boating of any kind is very popular on the menai straights, as previously motioned sailing is a very popular pastime here in north wales as while as well as the menai straights with its amazing tides currents and bathymetry to navigate through. I turned towards Pete and he's shouting wait till you see the size of this one I've got on. probably bait and hooks a little big for the small Bass. There are many other water sports that are very popular such as Sea kayaking, Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and windsurfing. The road between London and Holyhead became very important, as it was the connection between Ireland and the Parliament in London. Gave up on Sunday. I have recently taken early retirement and come back to small boat angling having previously shared a boat with a friend back in the 80's. Report:Fished the Menai at dawn m8 had 2.5lb Bass and I had a schoolie.Stayed till 15:00 a few bites missed and 1 doggie.Moved to Ty Croes for a few hours it was well chocker.We managed to find a rock loads of doggies and one coalie.Seen someone further along get a small Ray. ( Log Out /  Many baby wrasse but a solid 3lb wraasse put up a good fight. TOOK US AGES TO PULL IT UP BUT WE MANAGED IT WAS AN ANCHOR ROPE AND CHAIN .OFF SOMEONES SMALL BOAT. two nice cod caught off puffin 6lb and 3lb all due to paul and daves boating skills.Very close to rocks!!!arghh!!! Report:fished 3hours before low and 1 up caught 5 codling between us best was 2lb also caught plenty of dog fish. Fished the tide - 2 x down to Low and 2 up. Then tried in front of block of flats near Gazelle hotel. I dropped straight down and had a tiny whiting in 30 seconds but that was it for the rest of the 4 hours. But with this happening later in the season we usually can sneak in a dive or ten before this.. Several whiting, pollack to 2lb. top night out even if it did piss it down in gale force winds! Posted on 22nd October 2018 by Gethyn Owen. Have fun and be safe. Still sweet FA, though the rigs were sitting nicely. The tides have a fierce pace have the second largest tidal range in the world only seconding to the bay of fundi in Canada. The old bloke next to me was pulling out pollock with feathers. enjoyed the weekend!!!!! The Thomas Telford bridge is the oldest of the two bridges and the most iconic of the two. Then BooBoo was in again with another Bass of 2lb. 4/o wide gape hooks. Menai Angling offer fresh and frozen baits for both saltwater and fresh water fishing, we sell top brand tackle and have probably the largest selection of top end lures in North Wales. So switched to float with tip light lashed on. Will be there again tomorrow.Tight lines. Porthdinllaen Lifeboat pictured on a previous occasion. very cold......went into deeper water for a bit of sport and bagged up on herring and small cod,all returned.a few small whiting also and the odd doggie! Report:my lad took this lovely bass at low water on oncoming tide,in two foot of water,had 5lb and 3lb good fighting bass on light tackle.small cod also taken and day out.. Report:just below the menia bridge 4 lb rass then 3 smaller ones 4 bass all decent size 2 rock codling 2 good old doggies 1 polliok good few hours fishing eddy paul an jimmy the bandit who never caught a friggin yarribb ahhh haaa, Report:started off at pwllfanogl one hour before high...five hours later end result between the two of us was six dogfish then went to a.b.c. also a man cought a lobster. Go to The red boat ice cream parlour in Beaumaris and treat yourself  to a monster gelato! Must have missed at least 7 bites. By car head to north Wales A55 come off at Jct 9, Some more beautiful photos of The Menai Strait, Amazing Home for sale  on the shores of The Menai Strait. Only one person survived. Halen mon – possibly the best sea salt in the world?! Report:Fished Dinorwic side of Britannia bridge over cod hole with my kayak. You don’t want to move on to a venue only to be cut off by a rapidly rising tide. A shock leader is a must as there are some great fish in the area, big Huss, Thornback Rays and Conger. Report:whiting in large numbers (not size)nothing more than a pound, loads of tiny codling should be good next year, a few flaties and of course dogs in plague numbers. Annual Reports; Chartering; Smoothhound Challenge; Fresh Water Articles. Report:Fished for 3 hrs upto high tide 1hr after,caught 6 plaice in ex condition 1 was just over 1lb 3oz rest were just under 1lb.1flounder over 1 3/4 lbs,had 1 big bite which dragged the rod of its rest but never hooked it ,the big plaice was caught 2hrs before high water and was marked in bright orange spots.Thanks to squid for his info on this mark. For Boat fishing –Head over to Stradia website and go book a day on the water. Go charter boat fishing with Stradia from Beaumaris pier area and catch some fish! ps, there a thief about, few boats had tackle, gps fish finders stolen from helen farm I should know my boat was got at!!!! Commercial fishing; More … Beach safety. Report:tide too big in mersey so we went to meni wasent much about only a few small codling and whiting. How to get there By car Penrhyn Mawr is located about three miles south-west of Holyhead. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Crabs abounded, picking bait clean. Report:FISHED LOW WATER THE ANGLESEY SIDE.CAUGHT A COUPLE OF NICE ROCK COD UPTO 2.5ibs.ALSO SOME NICE SIZED WRASSE.FISHED HIGH THE WALES SIDE M8 CAUGHT TWO CONGER 5lb & 15lb. better than catching nothing though! The biodiversity in the straits is so diverse from fresh water outlets flowing in all long the straits (which are a blog or book completely by themselves!) my friend had a bass, about 2lbs. Also see our pages on Sailing in north wales.Want to learn to sail? We have such a rich coastal nutrient base which in turn creates a very strong algal bloom in summer months which conversely is the best time to dive! The Straits is filled with a number of different fish including codling, huss, eels, dogfish, rays and also plump whiting and dabs along with many other species. “For centuries, travelling to Anglesey from Wales mainland was very dangerous. When Ireland was joined with Great Britain in the Acts of Union in 1800, there was a great increase in the numbers that wished to cross the strait to travel to Holyhead and then on to Dublin. No-one else was catching on spinner, but 1 small fish on float in quiet area of water came in. We’ve had a good few days afloat for our first trips fishing within the beautiful Menai Straits. For more on Fly fishing see this article. His rod was bent double and after a struggle he landed a bigger Bass of 5lb 8oz. Mal. Beautiful day.woke up on Sunday to the storm decided I would try LLanelian off the rocks had a 3lb wrasse on float.thought I would try Penmaenmawr on the way home but it was to windy to stand up and dig lug. It was like watching the Yogi Bear show. Caught Herring, small Whiting and Dog fish. Anice gunhard and the last of the mackeral caught on lures.Rhos on sea a couple of nice huss.A great weekend away.Tight lines everyone!!! Another popular mark,which produces throughout the year,and like other Menai marks,the scenery is boootiful Winter sessions produce codling,whiting and dogs from September onwards,plus a spring cod run will give fish to 4lb. Bull huss reported earlier in week. It was all too much for my sides so I had to retreat too my little fishing lodge in the quaint village of Malltreath. Report:On board Daydream Believer.Finding the good specimins now after 5 seasons.....phew! Third time here & nothing yet. Had a single pack of sandeel and some squid and managed to catch a small codling and 4 dogfish before the tide became to strong and the weed became a problem. Report:Fished under britania bridge on the concret platforms near treborth, i caught 3 doggys and lost another 3 fish, saw some bass chasing fry just inches away from the shore, lots of kelp around in the menai straits which can be verry snagy, but i find that a decent cast will cover these snags and still produce fish, i find the pulley rig amazing for fishing over snaggy terrain along with a 4 oz wire grip sinker. Codling to 2lbs and usual doggies. There are many spots both along the Anglesey side of the Menai strait that will produce Codling and Cod. The rich marine life that these strong tides cater for and provide an abundant nutrient mass for support the ecosystem well. The tide coming from two directions creates strong currents and whirlpools which can easily sink small boats, and there are also four tides every day. Psyched paddleboarding, Head to Dylans for a light lunch and drink with a view over at Menai bridge on their veranda. Caught 7 bass 3-11 lb on mackerel baited spinners. Calm, light NW wind, dry; thick fog towards end. There is a great video here that shows now a full detailed bathymetric map of the Menai strait, showing its depth in a colour coded style. Locals lad came down too and had nothing. Report:Fished off the grassed area on the Anglesey side of the old bridge. Fished the green patch under the Menai Bridge on the Anglesey side. Andy caught a Doggy and that was all that came out. Fished 2 down and 2up. By today, using motorways, modern cars and Menai Bridge the journey can be completed in less than seven hours!” 2 bites, 2 doggys. Report:About 3/4 mile to the left of the britannia bridge, mainland side. Report: boat fishing along the straights to south bank. Report:Fished tide up from low. Annual Reports; Chartering; Smoothhound Challenge; Fresh Water Articles. Also lost a couple more and had a tiny pollack.Great fun!r Tight lines Pete, Report:cearnavon pier , two small black bream, both to rag, lots of weed just before low, lots of taps but only connected with two. Rib ride up and across the straights at warp speed whilst taking in the beautiful scenery.. As the planning of a railway to Holyhead began, there was a suggestion that a railway should cross the present bridge. Report:fished a comp last night at pwllfanagol. Fished near the indefatigable army training centre. It extends 15 miles (24 km) from Beaumaris to Abermenai Point and varies in width between 200 yards (180 metres) and 2 miles (3 km). Will be back on a medium size tide to try again,as the weed became too much once the tide picked up. As modern vehicles became more common, the maximum weight of 4.5 tonnes, started to become a burden, with service buses having to ask it’s passengers to walk across the bridge! We are open 7 days a week and supply free helpful advice on fishing around Anglesey and surrounding areas. Its quite unique from a viewpoint of its tidal range and nutrient capacity the fish flock to the region. It was decided to build a tubular bridge, a revolutionary idea at the time. So beware!! Take a walk along the shores so of the Menai straights around Telfords bridge and watch the tide ebb by underneath such an iconic structure- it really is beautiful down out with the tides! From the Anglesey side, there are lovely views of the Snowdonia and Carneddau mountain ranges, Conwy Bay and the towns of Bangor through to Caernarfon. A bit snaggy but I managed to catch 20+ small codling and several Pin Whiting. Not too bad for a detox day out. Fished deep hole near bridge nothing. Report:Only had a single bite all day, pulled me into heavy weed and snags and lost it but it felt like a good 'un - always the way :D This is a step by step video for those who are interested in taking up sea fishing. Smallest Bass 17" Good quality fish. No whiting which is unusual for this time of year. In any case, if you do catch one then check out the nearest pile of seaweed for a suicide note. I fished a 2 x hook flapper rig using Fresh Lug tipped with squid. ended up with 12 dogs, a couple of huss and 4 coddling! Report:Went out in the inflatable again with James, just up from belmoris peir just fished feathers it was very windy but fish where feeding, james caught 16 herring and 5 whiting. There is a wealth of ship wrecks on the seabed that surround our Island the light houses for many hundres of years have tried their best to keep ships away from the steep jagged nature of our coast- but sometimes mother nature wins. For the first of our Pure Fishing winter fun competitions, the guys and young lady recorded a good 150 fish during the 4hrs Fishing. Total haul 21no dog fish 1no dab and 40no whiting. Report:fished just of Britania bridge Canarvon side lots of codling to about two pound. This unmistakeable feature was formed by glaciers flowing from Snowdonia, and by the Irish Sea ice stream which covered Anglesey during the last ice age approximately between 11,000-22,000 years ago. plenty of doggies if u like them.time to find a new venue cos we cant seem to crack this place or were doin somethin wrong.tried diferent baits. Report:started off at llandudno pier..had a few mackeral,pollack and doggies but the weather got the better of us...moved to menai bridge pier..again only a couple of doggies and pollack but much more sheltered...was thinking of moving to the swellies for low water and hope for bass but the monsoon conditions had me looking like a drowned rat and heading home seemed the preffered option..lets pray for better weather all and tight lines!! Some of the better books on the Menai strait include The Menai Strait by Gwyn Parry Hughes, Crossing the Menai by bridge books and Admiralty charts for the Menai Strait. no wrasse even! Weather guide – hover cursor over Caernarfon airport! "The Bass you pr;;;. Baits stripped in 10 minutes, crab lasting 15 minutes. This idea was put to one side, and Robert Stephenson, the son of the railway pioneer George Stephenson, got the chance to build a new bridge with the help of William Fairbairn and Eaton Hodgkinson. Report:We caught over 70 mackeral and a bit of other Species. Fish caught here include bass, dabs, whiting, plaice, dogfish, mackerel, flounders, codling. I was thinking I've spent alot of good money watching Comedians who couldnt make me laugh as much. never mind the mersey again next sunday. 5 people there all day had nothing. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The project, Fish Map Môn, will log vulnerable and more robust areas for fishing around the island and the Menai Strait. The fishing around Puffin Island is also excellent with an abundance of Mackeral, and also fishing with live Sandeel will produce some top quality Bass fishing. Well Yogi and BooBoo where have a whale of a time. The diurnal tides that rip through the deep scoured channel that is the Menai fault bring with them a diverse amount of nutrients and a host of wonderfull marine life species also. Fly Fishing. Sailors can pick up a swinging mouring for the night, row ashore and have a campfire on the beach, vivist a ocal pub we recommend The Garddfon, The Liverpool arms and The Gazelle Hotel. all other marks arownd the iseland fishing ok [crabman], Report:THAT IS A NICE SEA SALMON YOU HAVE GOT THERE WELL DONE, Report:Went to cable bay, too stormy, so went to otherside of island to red wharf bay and caught this and it weighed 4.5lb measured 23inches we think this is a sea salmon is this right pls let us know thanx, Report:a waste of time on these big tides, no crabs showing yet ,this time last year we were into bass, warmer days next month and we should see a show of crab and bass ,till then stay in the garden tight lines crabman, Report:local club members report only dogs and small fish showing no flounders or bass showing yet, my next trip out will be in april trout fishing i will keep the sea reports up to date, Report:fish small will fish beter early april give me a call for weekly reports. Follow the brown “Promenade” signs. Fishing Gift Vouchers; Mystical Menai. Secluded swim spot out of the tide near Llangoed, easy access via a slip! North Wales Holiday cottages- Another great accommodation on the island proving excellent holiday cottages in north Wales. Report:went out in my inflatable on sunday with james and alex, to the straits after anything we could find, weather was perfect!! 70+ doggies and a mix of whiting and small codling. The Menai Strait fish weirs are historically important fishing traps used in the fast-flowing tidal waters of the Menai Strait, which separates Anglesey from the rest of North Wales. plaenty of fish from the off on all baits. They were having a fine old time telling jokes taking the Micky out of each other, when all of a sudden the slightly less large fellow (Pete) rod bent over and he landed a beautiful Bass of over 5lb. Oh well, keep trying... Report:Fished a couple of hours either side of low with Sven from a mark about 1/2 mile further on from the Sea Zoo....nice deep channel to fish in for bass but only dogs showed !! Apparently it's excellent fishing from Rhosneigr beach all the way up the west coast of Anglesey to Cemlyn Bay. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. For Scuba diving kit expertise visit Anglesey Divers. Tight lines Thanks. If you catch a sea bass at Aberffraw then it's an event worth recording. The listing will be up on the website soon! The journey from London to Holyhead took 36 hours; when Menai Bridge opened in 1826 the journey time reduced to 27 hours! Fishing Gift Vouchers; Return to the Strait – Oct 2019. Take the Penmaenmawr exit off the A55. The bridge was officially opened on the 30thof January 1826. Codling are present throughout the year, flatfish are numerous and bass and conger are both found in some strength. Next time in summer here, i'd go on the float or spinning. Menai Holiday Cottages – A great local based company with lots of character filled Holiday cottages in north Wales on their books. Found a dead octopus washed up, almost two feet long. Report:Fished from 11am to 3pm, had 5 small Whiting & Tracy had a 2lb dogfish which she had difficulty getting onto pier, i had to grad line and pull over to pier, She was made up, bloke from Carnarven uni, caught 5-6 whiting one quite big which he took home, nice talking to you, see you agian soon, didnt catch you name, Nice bloke, fisherman are always talkative and helpfull. Report:fished juust opposite the new flats being built in caernarvon, fished from 20;00 hrs till 00;00 hrs started to pee it down so gave in{wimps} but we did catch dabs,eels.and the ever rare dog fish, will go back on a better day to try for the BASS........................... Report:fished up to high water round the islands betwen the bridges on light tackle and plugs got nothing. Northwales - All shore sea fishing catch reports from North Wales covering Anglesey, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Gwynedd and Wrexham. The Menai straits is probably the more certain destination to catch your prized fish. One Bass just on 10lb. Report:Had a few bites and then it went quiet but after few mins brought up a 2.5lb rass YEY! Look for report... Report:fished by the bridge caught 6 codling within size after traveling from the cod fest in new brighton, Report:fished here 4 the first time on low water not even a single bite pretty poor really, Report:a few bass in the straits on soft crab. Sailing the menai straights has always been a very unique experience and draws some of the best sailors in the world to its troublesome waters to test their metal against the tides and currents, intertidal waters created by the monstrous amplitude the tides, and weather create. Not a bite. Wrapped and stumbled off through the pea-souper to the car. sion, gethin,iwan,osian,james,tomos.-felinheli angeling team. Such is the geography, sheltered good fishing is … No bites for about an hour, but then came a bite at last. pluging NOT A TAKE!!!! Report:You dont need to fish to enjoy to enjoy the beautiful landscape. Me and mate blanked. Two Great guys Pete. These are Wales best kept secrets! Report:launched at menai bridge slip in my warrior 165 i was fishing lug for the first two hors then ran out of bait (doggies) went back to the slip way and spoke to a chap on a tractor turns out they they;ve got live sand eels at the boat yard by the slip way (porth daniel) ended up with a nice 3 pound bass thank god for sand eels, Report:started off at llandudno pier at 8 till 7...very poor only a couple of doggies a few pollack and mackeral...then moved to the straits for low..perfect tide and conditions but alas only dogfish showed up...ah well..tight lines all. Tried everything (float, ledger, different baits, even lures). The design and architecture surrounding the Telford suspension bridge is a testament to the iconic Victorian engineering of its day. A Nice days pleasure fishing. Its where some of the worlds top environmental, geological and oceanographic students come to cut their craft as did I now almost 10 years ago. 6 posts • Page 1 of 1 Menai Straights 1/12/12 Only caught a dogfish plus a few edible crabs. Fished until dusk -1 LW +2, one rod on bottom, 1 rod spinning. Learn how your comment data is processed. 9 posts • Page 1 of 1. Report:decided after yesterdays great session, to go out for a couple more hours, near belmoris peir again and caught 7 herring and 3 whiting, james had about the same. The marks are all fishing from rocky ledges which can be very slippy when wet so appropriate footwear is needed. – leave a comment below and well reply! Go visit Plas newydd and take a walk through their picturesque gardens and foreshores of the straits. See All Featured Sections. Report:Fished mainland side, to the right of the road bridge, down by the old George Hotel (now Uni residences) -2 LW +2.

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