", Bachelor of Arts, Master of Banking and Finance & Master of Business Law, "With the aid of the scholarship, I was able to afford course materials and truly optimise how I approach my studies. Availability Advanced computer science is available in C2001 … For … It offers you all the benefits of the Advanced Computer Science specialisation, plus a stream of hands-on projects … Some scholarships offer one-off payments while others continue for the length of your course. View the ATAR and student profiles for this course. Admissions and fees (Malaysia) Course and study options. All applicants must satisfy the equivalence of the VCE subject prerequisites. Fees: Indicative total fee for 2020 entry. Bachelor's in Computer Science Advanced Monash University. As a graduate you will be equipped to create substantial pieces of software, using advanced data structures and algorithms. I'm working on the cryptography side of the project, figuring out how to implement cutting edge, search-able encryption research.". Discover a range of events from leadership panels, seminars, exhibitions and engagement opportunities. Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students, study credit and admissions eligibility search, Study at Monash University Webmaster Team, Australian citizen (including dual citizens), or, New Zealand citizen (including dual citizens), or. Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre We believe great research, properly applied can lead to lasting and positive change in people’ s lives. The program is taught by world-class researchers and teachers within a faculty ranked 40 in the world for computer science and engineering*. Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced) (Honours) Monash University Type of institution: University/Higher Education Institution Level: Undergraduate CRICOS: 00008C. Copyright © 2021 Monash University. Study at Monash University Webmaster Team, Australian citizen (including dual citizens), or, New Zealand citizen (including dual citizens), or. There is always new research going on, and here at Monash too." Enquire for start dates Request information Visit program webpage Program description. Please tell us if you are a domestic or international student so we can show you the right course details. Find teaching periods and related dates. ¿Cómo presentar la solicitud de admisión a Monash University? This unit is intended to provide practical experience in designing, developing and testing a non-trivial computer science project. The above knowledge and skills are integrated and consolidated in applied practice as demonstrated in a computer or data science project, and in some cases in an industry-based learning placement. Making the transition to university study, Translated information for international students, Nuestros puestos en los rankings de las mejores universidades del mundo, Programas preparatorios o pre-universitarios y de inglés, Programas de posgrados y de investigación. Your studies will conclude with a significant project in the area of your specialisation. This study develops professional skills by providing an understanding and appreciation of the ethical and professional guidelines applicable to computer science practice and research; developing the ability to work as an effective team member and to communicate proficiently and appropriately in professional and research contexts. We have a range of pathway programs, special-entry schemes and more than 200 different scholarships to help you get the best possible start. Get the Inside story on what it’s really like to study at Monash. This Honours version of the Bachelor of Computer Science is for high-achieving students with a research focus. A detailed study of object-oriented design, programming paradigms and parallel computing will provide you with the skills needed to produce efficient software solutions to real-world problems. Admissions and fees (Australia) Find-a-course. Bring your own device (BYOD) specifications. Its practical applications span all disciplines, including science, engineering, business and commerce, the creative and performing arts and the humanities. ", Chris Scrob, Bachelor of Science Advanced – Global Challenges (Honours), "Receiving a scholarship helps me to focus on my studies. We believe great research, properly applied can lead to lasting and positive change in people’ s lives. It offers you all the benefits of the Advanced Computer Science specialisation, plus a stream of hands-on projects that engages you in research right from the start of your degree. ", “I came to Australia as part of the Australia Awards Scholarship Program and chose to study at Monash University as I found the course structure to be well-balanced between lectures, practicals, and research component. A resource to help you navigate towards studying at Monash and your dream career. This study will develop deep knowledge and advanced skills in advanced computer science. Applicants who have successfully completed Year 12 are eligible to apply for this course. Entire academic record This course uses the entire academic record as part of its selection considerations. ABN 12 377 614 012 Accessibility - Disclaimer and copyright - Website terms and conditions - Data Protection and Privacy Procedure - Data Consent Settings, Monash University CRICOS Provider Number: 00008C, Monash College CRICOS Provider Number: 01857J. Authorised by: Chief Marketing Officer, Strategic Marketing and Communications. The skills you acquire during the course are enhanced by real-world experience. If you don't meet our entry requirements, there are pathways to help. Projects cover the whole process of software (or hardware) development, from analysis through design to implementation and testing. In your fourth year, you will undertake a substantial individual research project with your own academic supervisor. Success stories. Monash is committed to admissions transparency With 2700 scholarships on offer, find out which you could be eligible for! Build expertise through a specialisation in either Advanced Computer Science, or in the exciting new field of Data Science, exploiting the massive datasets of the Information Age. Minimum entrance requirements for admission to Monash University Australia. FIT4012 Advanced topics in computational science Julian has experience as the Lecturer for the following units in the Faculty of IT: FIT1008/FIT2085 Introduction to computer science If you enjoy solving multi-dimensional problems requiring analytical thinking, have a mathematical or technical bent and want to use your talents to create new solutions, then a specialisation in Advanced computer science will work for you. The student contribution amount for 2021 is yet to be confirmed by the Australian government. You will investigate the present and potential applications of computing that impact modern society, but your study is not restricted to current technologies. Your advanced computer science skills will open up exciting career options. Maintained by: Study at Monash University Webmaster Team. The Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges (Honours) includes formal training in leadership, persuasive communication, and hands-on practice in transforming an idea into a business or social enterprise. You may also be required to complete MCD4490 Advanced Mathematics dependent on the level of mathematics you entered the Diploma of Information Technology. Applications vary depending on where you’re from. Advanced Engineering Platform; Brain Research Institute at Monash Sunway (BRIMS) Global Asia in the 21st Century; Monash-Industry Palm Oil Education and Research; South East Asia Community Observatory (SEACO) Tropical Medicine and Biology; Infrastructure. The course is an advanced version of the Bachelor of Computer Science, designed for high-achieving students who wish to study computing in depth with a strong research component through the four years of study. Thanks. Timetable information. Pharmaceutical Science Advanced Bachelor degree (honours) This advanced version of the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science will teach you how to develop reliable, accessible and effective medicinal products, and translate new drug targets into treatments for patients. This advanced course will prepare you for either postgraduate study or employment requiring research and advanced computer science skills. Last updated: Jan 2021. open_in_new. 2016 Undergraduate Area of Study Handbook entry for Advanced computer science (UG097), managed by the the Faculty of Information Technology. View our latest COVID-19 updates. The course consists of 15 compulsory (core) units in computer science and mathematics, one restricted electives, chosen from an approved list of computer science topics, eight free elective units, and an industry attachment. .More about special admissions schemes... All applicants must satisfy the equivalence of the VCE subject prerequisites. Why partner with us? The third year includes an extended placement in a research groups, which will give you the skills and independence to conduct a … This specialisation spans technical areas such as programming and databases, through modelling, visualisation and analysis, as well as legal and ethical issues. ¿Cómo solicitar la admisión a Monash University? Explore Research. Last updated: Jan 2021. For other domestic and international qualification entry requirements and scores for this course based on your prior studies, use the study credit and admissions eligibility search. open_in_new. Hi, well first of all, this is the happiest and toughest choice of my life I got offered Computer Science at Monash Uni Clayton, which I thought I wasn't going to get offered because my ATAR wasn't good enough for it, but I got it. You also do a research or industry placement, supported by a generous scholarship.

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