The train lost control as it neared the bottom of the hill, where it ran over a bridge and derailed. 2 This article was most recently revised and updated by, While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. (Beryl Ford Collection from the Tulsa City-County Library). Despite his aptitude to work with the grieving families, Arthur Reed decided he had seen enough grisly images as he walked along the rails and pick up body parts and put them in baskets following the Frisco train crash. (Beryl Ford Collection from the Tulsa City-County Library). ( Log Out /  A derailment as the train descended the Maurienne valley rail line caused a catastrophic crash and subsequent fire in which more than 675 died. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Only one locomotive pulled the 19 cars. Camden, ME Hotel Fire, Nov 1917. Ruhl could not account for the time that elapsed from the first moment after the crash until he was found wandering miles from the scene of the wreck. Train Crash Compilation Part 1Special thanks to the youtube channel thedaimerr for helping find some of these clips Today marks 100 years since the Shepherdsville Train Wreck that killed dozens, including some of Nelson County’s most influential residents. France's deadliest rail accident, it occurred on the Culoz–Modane railway line. This was a depraved period of American history. Rugby, 16 August 1915 - Nine people died this morning when the Irish Mail train crashed near Rugby in the English midlands. The train cars were made mostly of wood and immediately began to burn. Another ghastly find was that of the forearm and hand of a man. Omissions? Moments later a collision left death and destruction in its wake. The Central of Georgia train barreled onto the main tracks and, near a bend at Bull Creek, it collided head-on with the unsuspecting circus train. Photo identified as the “Frisco Train Wreck” from the 1917 train collision at Kellyville. A tragic rail accident occurred on January 13, 1917, at Ciurea Station, in Romania, claiming the lives of almost 850 people. The incident, which occurred during the peak of the World War I era, was also known as the "Ciurea Catastrophe". The train was extremely overloaded, and despite initially refusing, the driver was forced … That the list of the dead is confined principally to negroes is attributed to the complete telescoping of the first three cars in the train, which included the Jim Crow car. The trip was planned as a reprieve from combat, with many of the men planning to reunite with their families for the Christmas holiday. [1], “Twenty-seven Killed, Fifty Injured in Frisco Wreck“, “…The air was filled with the agonized groans of the victims. 7 Flyer tore through cars in a gruesome impact. August 8, 1917. While local patrons disembarked and additional passengers boarded the local train, the Cincinnati to New Orleans "Flyer" express train bore down on Shepherdsville. Although it is unclear how or why, the stories passed down to his grandchildren clearly suggests Arthur Hubert Reed** was either a passenger on the train or had arrived at the scene a short time after the horrific collision. Reprint of an article in the September 21, 1917 Louisville, Kentucky Courier Journal. Canada has seen few worse train accidents than the July 6 derailment of a runaway train carrying 72 carloads of crude oil, in Lac-Megantic, Quebec. Reprint of an article in the September 21, 1917 Louisville, Kentucky Courier Journal. Du… It was impossible to learn the names of all the dead up to midnight tonight….Persons who saw the wreckage described the scene as one of awful horror…Most of the dead were found under the mail car, as this portion of the train had crashed into the combination smoker and negro compartment, first splintering the coach, and then tossing it partially on the roof of the mail car…“. Of those killed in the derailment … The tragedy killed 32 people and injured more than 50-100 others. Create a free website or blog at It was awful!“. Dec. 20, 1917, was an average winter day until the sudden arrival of a No. The 26-carriage train carried refugees and wounded soldiers who were trying to flee the Germanadvance. Paul Fain and Mr. Arthur Reed spent Saturday afternoon with Mr. Woods Martin” on June 7, 1917. "A heavy freight train was going in the direction of Clarkdale at about 6 o'clock Monday evening, and when the long tunnel which is situated about … [6] The Daily Oklahoman, published Sunday, September 30, 1917; Page 2. Source: 7 x 10 inch black and white photograph Date Original: October 10, 1935 Creator: St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company [9] World War I Draft Registration Card for Arthur Hubert Reed dated September 12, 1918. A train of 19 passenger coaches was coupled to a single steam locomotive because its second locomotive was requested elsewhere for a munitions train. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The aftermath of the 1917 disaster in France The 1917 derailment of a packed train full of French soldiers on leave is the worst rail disaster in French history, with 800-1000 lives lost. Europe's deadliest train crash occurred in France during World War I on December 12, 1917. Both trains were traveling at or near full speed when they collided just after the #407 had crossed over the railroad bridge at Polecat Creek (about two miles west of Kellyville, Oklahoma) at about 2:42 in the afternoon. [8] “Lynching“, The Marlow Review (Marlow, Oklahoma) dated April 13, 1916; Page 4; “Oklahoma Again Lynching Scene“, United Press Wire dated April 10, 1916; “An Oklahoma Lynching” by Associate Press dated April 3, 1916; “Double Lynching at Nowata, Okla.“, The Leedey Times (Leedey, Oklahoma) dated October 12, 1916; Page 6; “An Oklahoma Lynching“, The Guymon Democrat (Guymon, Oklahoma) dated June 28, 1917, Page 3. On August 31, 1917, the brakes failed on a wooden elevated coach, and the train smashed into the dead-end bumper at old North Station.

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