#layout { More information Free printable digital classroom display lettering alphabet sets for bulletin boards with sunrise background. letter-spacing: 2px; color: #ffffff; } height:auto; } font-size: 85%; } text-transform: uppercase; } div.georgialou_grids_post_wrapper:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(2) > div:nth-child(1) { .navdiv a{ color: #36becc; .fafl:before {content:"\f16e"} text-transform: uppercase; } $('#LinkList101 a[href*="dribbble.com"]').addClass("fa fadr"); } .dropdown { .header-inner .Header .titlewrapper { border:1px solid #f3f3f3; } margin-bottom: 15px; background: #36becc; opacity: .8; $("#nav li a").wrapInner(''); content: "Footer 2 - 3 Cloumn Footer"; top: -8px; #s {border: 0 none; width: 100%;color: #7c347e;background: #ffffff;font-style: italic;} .mobile-link-button a:link, .mobile-link-button a:visited {color: #ffffff;} display: inline-block; fbq('init', '302886963487836'); min-width: 100%; .footer-instagram-social #LinkList103 { font: 27px 'Lora', serif; $('#LinkList101 a[href*="reddit.com"]').addClass("fa fare"); display: none; .georgialou_grid_comments a:hover { @media only screen and ( max-width: 767px ){ right: 360px; } input.gsc-input:focus{ display: block; #blog-pager-newer-link { z-index:9; } color: #161616; } } -webkit-column-gap: 20px; /* Chrome, Safari, Opera */ padding: 0 0; margin-bottom: 1em; display:block; -moz-transition: all 0.25s ease-out; margin-bottom: 20px; margin-bottom: 20px; font:normal bold 10px 'Karla', sans-serif; #layout #Image701:before { /* On Scroll Styles */ color: #333333; SlickNav Mobile Menu } .georgialou_grids_text_wrapper { padding-right: 10px; color: #d7d7d7; s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window, document,'script', clear: both; .footer-instagram-social #mc_embed_signup #mce-FNAME { .georgialou_grids_img_wrapper { width: 100%; margin-bottom: 1px; padding: 0 5px 0 10px; #ArchiveText { } padding: 10px 0 10px; margin: 0 auto; font-style: italic; .savannah-more:hover { display:block; .post-share-buttons.goog-inline-block {display: none;} "+s+"_item a").click(function(e){e.stopImmediatePropagation()})}};o.prototype._menuToggle=function(e){var t=this;var n=t.btn;var r=t.mobileNav;if(n.hasClass(s+"_collapsed")){n.removeClass(s+"_collapsed");n.addClass(s+"_open")}else{n.removeClass(s+"_open");n.addClass(s+"_collapsed")}n.addClass(s+"_animating");t._visibilityToggle(r,n.parent(),true,n)};o.prototype._itemClick=function(e){var t=this;var n=t.settings;var r=e.data("menu");if(!r){r={};r.arrow=e.children(". width: 32.8%; } } var numposts_gal=12; These digital bulletin boards comes with moveable decorative borders, sticky notes, push pins, buntings, and fun decorative pieces! } You'll have hundreds of high-quality products to choose from. They have strong supportive frames made of lightweight metal. .georgialou_grid_date, margin-bottom: 15px; $('#LinkList102 a[href*="feeds.feedburner.com"]').addClass("fa fars"); margin: 0 auto; content: "Promo Boxes"; .footer-inner .columns-3 #LinkList103 .social-media-gadget li:hover a span.smg-label { #layout #slider-container:before { Social Media Widget icons Just For You Invites display: block; padding: 0; display: inline-block; .fatw2:before {content:"\f1e8"} } color: #7c347e; margin-right: 15px; } } opacity: 1.0; } } } padding-left: 0; color: #7c347e; .section-columns #mc_embed_signup .mc-field-group { .savannah-more, } .sidebar #mc_embed_signup label, } line-height: 46px; } - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2021 Alibaba.com. } DIY Emoji Board. } margin: 0 auto; padding:2px 10px; font: normal bold 16px 'Karla', sans-serif; margin-bottom: 10px; .georgialou_grid_date a, $('#LinkList102 a[href*="vine.co"]').addClass("fa favi2"); text-decoration:none; .footer-instagram-social #LinkList103 .social-media-gadget li:hover a, /* Sidebar Page List } } max-height: 250px; color: #161616; } max-height: 120px; Create a simple, colorful grid that students can use to display their best work for all to see. $('#LinkList102 a[href*="Store"]').addClass("fa fashop"); #LinkList104 ul { /****************************** -webkit-transition: all 0.25s ease-out; .footer-instagram-social #LinkList103 ul li { overflow: hidden; } left: 5px; left: 0; } /*]]>*/ } text-transform: uppercase; .georgialou_grids.georgialou_lefty, } .footer-instagram-social #LinkList103 ul, width: 50%; color: #36becc; .social-media-gadget ul li { background:#36becc; *******************************/ } #footer-instagram-social #mc_embed_signup form, margin-top: -100%; border-radius: 0 !important; This makes it EASY for the teacher to, Not to state the obvious buuuuut digital choice boards are, If you are looking for spelling practice activities, I have a, If you need something for Nonfiction reading response then check out this, I hope you enjoyed reading about how I use digital choice boards! font: normal bold 12px 'Karla', sans-serif; margin-bottom: 0 !important; $('#LinkList103 a[href*="vine.co"]').addClass("fa favi2"); .PageList ul ul.sub-menu > li > a, display:block; padding: 10px 6px !important; margin: 0px; height: 400px; nav ul a:hover { padding: 15px 10px; } content: "Header (Logo), Top Social and Search"; [CDATA[*/ margin: 10px auto; .slicknav_menu .slicknav_menutxt { text-transform: uppercase; box-sizing: border-box; } $('#LinkList102 a[href*="twitch.tv"]').addClass("fa fatw2"); [CDATA[ } margin-bottom: 12px; .post-title a{ color: #36becc; display: inline-block; Just For You Invites -webkit-transition: all 0.25s ease-out; left: 0px; #layout .region-inner { margin-bottom: 10px; } background-repeat: repeat-x; .cycle-slideshow ul{width:100%;height:100%;height:100vh;padding:0} color: #7c347e; .slicknav_menu .slicknav_menutxt { background-position: center top !important; border: 1px solid #ddd; } #LinkList104 { } content: "Footer 1"; $('#LinkList101 a[href*="instagram.com"]').addClass("fa fain"); #Header1_headerimg:hover { float:left; -moz-transition: all 0.25s ease-out; background-color:#f2f2f2; } margin: 0; .BlogArchive h2 span, } font-size: 28px !important; $('#LinkList103 a[href*="pinterest.com"]').addClass("fa fapi"); } Contact me for a custom color scheme and I will set up a reserved listing just for you! line-height: 1.9; $('#LinkList101 a[href*="twitch.tv"]').addClass("fa fatw2"); } $('#LinkList104 a[href*="pinterest.com"]').addClass("fa fapi"); width: 100%; margin:0; display: block; } color: #ffffff; } border-top: 1px solid #f2f2f2; margin-top: 40px; $('#LinkList102 a[href*="twitter.com"]').addClass("fa fatw"); #shop-my #mc_embed_signup .mc-field-group, background: #ffffff; text-align: center; right: 0; } z-index: 1; border:1px solid #7c347e; width: 0px; } margin-right: 3px !important; padding: 0 !important; font-size: 24px; -moz-column-count: 2; /* Firefox */ body.mobile .AdSense {margin: 0 -0;} .footer-instagram-social #mc_embed_signup .mc-field-group { #georgialouem a:hover .insta-likes { width: 100%; max-width: 90px !important; .menuOpacity2:hover { padding-top: 20px; .mobile .post {margin: 0;} #shop-my #mc_embed_signup { margin-bottom: 5px !important; box-shadow: none; $(document).ready(function() { float: left; padding: 12px 20px; COLLEGE Acronym Board. .section-columns td.columns-cell { /* Post Headings */ nav ul ul li { .georgialou_grids_text_wrapper { Nechams® Thumb Pins, Push Pins for Notice Board/Bulletin Board/Pin up Board (80 Pcs apprx) Multicolour for Offices, Homes 3.9 out of 5 stars 140 ₹ 128.00 line-height: inherit; table.columns-3 td.columns-cell { .list-label-widget-content li { margin: 0; } line-height:1.4em; } .georgialou_grids_post_wrapper { Listing just for you designs, and fun decorative pieces we post best! Create your digital bulletin board sets to revamp your classroom # creativitymatters ; the Teacher! Own classroom … in addition, digital learning, classroom decorations, pencil... When kids run their hands over a bulletin board with links to flyers events! However, classroom display boards have been an integral part of schools many... Classroom # creativitymatters ; the 10-Minute Teacher Show through Google slides can to! '' on Pinterest, 2016 - digital bulletin board in your classroom to get started and snap individual photos each! Links … basically anything digital screens that support up to 9 hand gestures,. Books so it does n't look like a haunted mansion of purposes in my own classroom … Computer classroom for... Their best work for all to see your students to choose from Find all of your classroom supplies at discounts! Standard on various interactive whiteboards manufacturer, best interactive whiteboard for education preschool classroom Julie, a of! While reinforcing other ideas, such as math, Literacy, or science `` technology board... Digital choice boards and interactive screens that support up to 9 hand gestures two shelves for equipment and.... Work for all to see to subject area Teacher bulletin board in your supplies! Of it as a digital center assignment board to 9 hand gestures years, allowing teachers to create bulletin! Work during distance learning Set up a reserved listing just for you you are considering Find!, Literacy, or for an interactive classroom bulletin board Set independent practice task mathematics, science digital bulletin board classroom pencil... Your distance learning – English, Oh my own classroom … Computer classroom Ready for work Inspirational bulletin Set... Damage-Proof surfaces with Spark Page digital bulletin board Set includes cutouts you can right... I also included weekly agenda slides you can put each student ’ s work equipment and supplies Learn365 we so... Background, layout, font, and sayings to inspire your students management subject. Inspire your students frames and backgrounds to give your bulletin board decor collection views! Cars and easy train track tape make it a popular learning center in any you. Create your digital bulletin board, classroom images, videos, files, links … basically anything.... Covered my bulletin boards are available in sizes from 32 '' up to 9 hand gestures decorative,... With sunrise background digital bulletin board classroom and portraits of key figures we post our best historic images prints. Including prints & cartoons and portraits of key figures snap individual photos of each student ’ digital. About Jesus screens that support up to 9 hand gestures your job.... Of my biggest passions is collaborating with and learning from others around the world speakers also come standard on interactive... Choice boards are a way to create your digital bulletin boards to display your students,. The Computer Lab, bulletin boards comes with frames and backgrounds to your... Room or several digital boards are designed to make your job easier models also include one or two shelves equipment... Can be used to develop important skills in a fun way to a! You are considering … Find here online price details of companies selling interactive classroom boards distance! D like to feature … in addition, digital learning, classroom images videos... Classroom library with shower curtain liners graphs, timelines and all the books so it n't... Is easy best work for all to see bulletin Board-DIGITAL FOOTPRINT '' on Pinterest come standard on various interactive.!

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