At least they didn’t make them kiss or I would have puked. It’s about the assembling of a ragtag band (as in, musical group). Very intereting story, every week we see a new twist. We're here to help people experience more and pay less thanks to awesome offers at high-quality restaurants; bars; spas; attractions; activities; salons; sports and fitness venues everywhere! Want to see more scene, so I can guess who will be her partner... jenneh May 22 2016 8:36 am Annie hasan Apr 23 2016 4:23 am Love all the actors.Especially gong myung. Watch Online on Viu SG I wish that he will get great drama like KMHM.. ^^ But thats not the main point why I keep watching it. No, it's not. The character Ji Sung is up for was once a manager at an agency handling the nation’s top singers, and is now the CEO of an agency repping the most pathetic rookies. Ahn yeon seob not on the list as jinu... k-drama over Apr 29 2016 11:45 am I wonder why everyone say the drama is boring, I know it's your opinion but still... Actually, I never interested on drama before but there is some drama that I always watch. but this drama not only about romance between a man and woman. l'm watching this and really get pissed by those people. This drama is soo good! And people complaining about the start of episode 1 going by too fast? ♡, Love minhyuk May 06 2016 10:43 pm W4GRB.average_rating[1]=88; He gathers people to form a band. go go go! tutu Jun 23 2016 3:21 am Hyeri,be strong! [CDATA[ If you like the drama then watch and enjoy it, but if you don't like the drama just don't watch it, you don't need to make such a noise like that, Is that even make your heart at peace if you done that? I really like this drama.. Rebecca Molina Jun 20 2018 4:56 am Shin Suk Ho worked for the biggest entertainment company as a director, but he is now the CEO of a new and tiny entertainment company. The bromance is alive since forever more than romance. @pirado I have to admit that there is no chemistry between ji sung and hyeri. This is a good drama. Julia May 02 2016 12:19 pm Like chemistry suk ho-geu rin.I hope suk-ho and geu-rin in this drama became best couple. Me Apr 05 2016 10:38 pm i really enjoyed this drama so sad it ended , ji sung was amazing and all cast , they made me laugh , cry and gave me every possible emotion , it was a mix of emotions and i enjoyed it very much, Ana Jun 17 2016 12:16 am I thought it was going to be a love-pentagon, but guess not... :'(. I still think it worth to watched, even though the rating is low.. @lolita then leave and waste your time in other place..... i find this drama interesting and alot of people think the same too.... ji sung as alwas perfect and hyeri too. Thanks. Just keep watching few more episode, bcoz it getting more interesting. The kdrama made me feel that sometimes the closest ones could dump you for their dreams, or even someone can lose their life for a precious thing when they're taken away. GG wellplay Jun 09 2016 11:25 pm Wait.... Who said anything abt ji sung and hyeri are the couple we can always root for minhyukii, Cookies and Cream Apr 11 2016 2:48 am Is no one watching this drama for L.Joe? Is it just me or does the singers version of the song sound like its Ji Sung? The first 2 episodes were a little bit too confusing and complicated but the 3rd one started to make sense, maybe as the story goes, it will reveal much more explanation to the backstory. Did she that bad?? stop compare this one with comback mr. . NN Apr 29 2016 4:25 pm I really like the cast but the story is very boring and commom-_-. i think ji sung and hyeri had the chemistry they both are hilarious and fun and the parts when they tease each other were so cute , it would be be more interesting if the writer gave more focus on them, maya Jun 17 2016 12:55 am I can't imagine Bo gum became Hyeri's brother since I watch Reply 1988. @Enji He's going to be the lead in his own drama i'd rather him do that thanbe the 2nd lead. Let Hyeri and bogum be REPLY's Couple forever.. Asal May 08 2016 12:35 pm It was nice story and show us how cruel music industry is. You proved it with She was Pretty and will proe it again with Lucky Romance, andy Apr 03 2016 6:26 am so if u dont like it, leave it! Kang Minhyuk's performance surprised me. Sung hyun is ha neul's brother. l really like their love for each other, though it has different meaning: Geu-rin loves him as family, while Ha-neul loves her as a man. Please watch this drama and support it! Can't wait! Cast is awkward. I'm just hoping you give itit a chance :), maya Jun 03 2016 5:13 am The stars of 2015's biggest dramas (Reply 1988, Kill Me Heal Me) in one drama~ This drama is going to slay so hard~ Hyeri proved that she can act in reply and now she and Jisung will prove that age is just a number~ Good actors can overcome the difference in age. Posted on March 31, 2016 by Kay. Sometimes i cant understand why, a good drama cant have a good rating in korea. But at all, I love this drama. This is one of many others my fav K dramas. But I really felt that I should. He died when suk ho worked as an manager in KTOP, I think sung hyun was an artist in KTOP too. fifi May 07 2016 12:12 pm I hope he gets to sing one of the OSTs. watch it first and i hope it can get more viewer because the story was so interesting.Please watch it.Please!!! Are Minhyuk and Hyeri real siblings, because they don't have the same name... BA Apr 11 2016 10:45 am I'm more interested in Haneul getting the justice he deserves than anything else tbh. Please be more fair_minded when you write something, dandarafighting! Does anyone know what episode the scene of lee tae sun and his son where they touch hands through a window is??? I guess im too late but i really loved this drama , the relationship between hyeri and jisung was weird for me but im glad it was just small part of this drama,except that i love everything about it ,all band members were great , kangMinhyuk's acting was great ,i almost cried with all his cries in this dramas , do i need to say anyghing about jisung golden acting?? Omg i cant wait to watch it!! srija Mar 25 2016 10:54 am I don't hate anyone. Ljoe fighting! It features a lot of melodrama, but also mysteries wrapped up in a neat parcel along with amazing characters, fast plot lines, hilarious comedy, and heart-warming romance. Abel Mar 17 2016 4:58 am 2. linda Jun 10 2016 12:08 am I love so much how ji sung showing off his acting talent. :), jeremae Jun 11 2016 1:15 pm It was really a stand out drama for those who are not interested in rom-com full of puppy romances. //]]>. I love Park Shin Hye but why she only appear on episode 3, lina May 02 2016 2:26 pm Kirara Apr 30 2016 3:22 am who is hyeri to minhyuk? Extended!!! gae Mar 11 2016 11:50 pm This drama sucks and its boring as hell. Enough said! Hyeri slayd with reply 1988 and she WILL do so again with Jisung~, Dai5y Mar 31 2016 3:11 am KYLE is NCT U DOYOUNG's older brother. JS deserved the daesang he got from drama KMHL. @k-drama over, @oooo, Jinu is Ahn Hyo Seop. The teaser already telling it, they're gonna rock! I watched this drama because of Kang Minhyuk and he never let me down. Ozmo Jul 19 2016 7:47 pm @lolita if u feel it sucks so dont watch it! girl could act a bit, not much, but a bit at least. © I feel like this k drama was unfinished there's no closure on any of the characters love lives? I just watched episode 4, and it get more complicated. wtf with the ranting? Angel Aug 01 2016 6:34 pm KPOP & me – Kdrama “The Entertainer” Posted on June 13, 2016 by RhB. green Apr 22 2016 7:33 am Ji Sung and Hyeri make me jiggle ^_^ Great job guys. Mar 17, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Mary Johnston. I nearly dropped it in the middle but I am So Glad I finished. even if your not interested, at least there's something you'll learn from it. I agree that jisung has a great acting skill, but the other cast too. Jung Ji-hoon (Korean: 정지훈, born June 25, 1982), better known by his stage name Rain (Korean 비 IPA ['piː]), is a South Korean singer-songwriter, actor, and music producer.. Very nice drama and plot. After seeing several actors and actress performing dwi-personalities, twins and all, he should get praise from his cha do hyun and shin se gi character. Looking forward to seeing more from this drama.. 4. thanks once again.....i love it!!!! W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); Lee Tae-Sun! It might just be me but it feels like they're pushing this whole romantic story a bit too much. I can't keep watching the drama. Hope to continue seeing and enjoying your talent. If you don't know what Second Lead Syndrome is, you've definitely seen it in a K-drama. Because I dont like the plot-line,. May Jun 30 2016 11:53 pm Hangul: 딴따라. King of expressions. Prime May 22 2016 7:23 pm Princess Peyt Apr 28 2016 9:39 am That's why she wants to pay them back by taking care of Ha Neul. Kudos! And Hyeri's acting is not bad. Does anyone know the song which the ttanttara band sang at a show in episode 18 where they won? And the story line isn't like other dramas where love is the main attraction. Stonechat Jun 23 2016 12:03 pm she's not pretty? -_- wtf you just watch 1st ep and say this drama is low quality? The storyline is pretty interesting at the moment. lalala Jun 18 2016 6:33 am Entertainer (also known ad Ddanddara) is about a manager (Ji Sung) who was once at a top entertainment agency in Korea, but is forced out of his position and now represents rookies in his own small agency. I like Kyle's character! I think ji sung can do ao much better. Bo Gum's also SUCH a baby face AND only 23 so it seems WAY less believable for him to be the director at the drama equivalent of Sony BMI or YG in Korea than for Ji Sung's gorgeous 39 years of handsome existence! Even the actors and actresses are great. One of the reasons I am going to watch this drama is they are not focusing on the romance. Loving this drama so far!! He admitted that he was doing some dirty way when he was a manager. dikariani May 07 2016 3:16 am I wonder what relationship Suk Ho and Ha Neul is.. CarolineS Apr 27 2016 10:58 pm I prefer him than Min Hyuk. Surely not an actress. hate hyeri acting..acting just not suit for her...I don't want to watch this drama...sorry ji sung, NuruJoong Mar 22 2016 7:47 pm It's more than just about music and I hope the following episodes are like episodes 3 and 4. It's more than just about music and I hope the following episodes are like episodes 3 and 4. Looking forward and the teaser is really cute, Lijjie Mar 31 2016 3:14 am so a random comment here... but I just wanted to comment on how I died when Seo Kang Joon winked and smiled at Kyle during the interview. In Busan, Ha-Neul (Kang Min-Hyuk) is a high school student. And plus he's married to one of my top favourite actress, Lee Bo-Young! Sing. They really give the vibe! The worst!!! Then Kang, Min Hyuk paired with Chae, jung Ahn, 14 year differences. Please help, I can`t find it, Irma Mar 16 2019 2:04 am This series is different from other dramas I've seen and it is particularly great. Korean drama the best among all , the storyline is unpredictable , the actor actress u've done the best , ths series deserves high rating . FITRYDLUFFY Jun 28 2016 9:38 am why the hell people don't understand and accept the characters and judge them without even watching. Entertainer has a amazing & deep storyline, the bromance between two lead actor is much more intersting than any romance. Genres: Music, Business, Comedy, Drama; Tags: Girl's Day, Entertainment Industry, Older Man/Younger Woman, Single Parent, Band, Older Woman/Younger Man, Age Gap, Idol, Unrequited Love, Bromance But again the characters are set up so perfectly set up- I think minhyuk suits Ha Neul more than Bo gum (bo gum is too pretty to play this character LOL); I really liked Minhyuk from heirs and thought he was super good at acting but watching this drama made me realize that that's not really the case... Minhyuk's emotions seem off and it's more awkward than sad when I see him cry.. Yes it may seem like a typical plot. Julia May 28 2016 2:22 pm And the music wow! All those bromance, not only between the band members but also with Ji Sung, everything was very entertaining. I dont think their relationship only sibling, the scene when hyeri want to leave minhyuk, she said that she stay because minhyuk parents, and it just weird if they only sibling. In fact this song has been playing a lot in the background in ep17 & 18 but not released as OST. One thing for sure i hate about this drama, lighting in every single scene is so flat, even in outdoor and indoor shoot. Knowing that those two are in the same music group lol it just seemed so funny! Can't wait for next episodes...such a wonderful drama and all the actors r superb. Ji Sung made every project just fantastic with his presence. allkpop works around the clock to be the first to deliver minute to minute breaking news, gossip, and the most exclusive coverage on the hottest K-pop stars. | Privacy Policy | Contact,, "Entertainer" takes over the Wednesday & Thursday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by ". im so surprise with it because for me to was this was a good drama. Jinu is Ahn Hyo Seop. The Entertainer ... - A Korean Drama Addiction. Hahahaa so funny! Jisung ahhhh!!!! I think Entertainer is one of the best Ji Sung drama Even netizen prised minhyuk & Taesun 's (yeon soo character) acting in episode 11&12.. Must of viewer cried with characters in these 2 episode and you said that only jisung can act?? Give a try. I really enjoy watching this drama as it has a very good story plot.At first i think the age gap could be a problem but when i watch the first episode their chemistry turns to out well.Please!!! Can't wait. They cast someone as how the story and script narrates.. if u want an older actress cast her in your script..There is no any actress in Korea who can't act but if the plot doesn't fit her then it's over......for example shiin SE kyung did well in sfd and deep roots. DDANDARA band is really good and all the actors. At that time, Suk-Ho tells Ha-Neul "Die later. Kdf_syahmi Apr 21 2016 6:00 am . for that day according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson. I hope to see many fresh, funny and heart warming dramas like this one in the future. Livia Apr 30 2016 2:06 pm But well I think jisung and hyeri don't match well.. The drama just looks real. TOO EXCITED OR THIS DRAMAAA, Song joong gi Mar 17 2016 1:44 pm This drama is worst, blueffx Apr 23 2016 8:36 am snow Oct 03 2020 7:17 am loadbox(1); Jem Apr 22 2016 12:01 am I’m glad that’s over. we will support you! Krison Apr 30 2016 7:13 am But,until episode 8 i cant guess who is the partner for hyeri bcoz hyeri in this drama didn't show too much affection for both minhyuk or jisung, in love section. It’s about the assembling of a ragtag band (as in, musical group). July Apr 22 2016 7:43 am XOXO(elly) Dec 23 2016 12:56 pm i watch a lot of dramas and this one is just bad. Vidxu Mar 25 2016 7:22 am the poor older brother's story is so sad and tragic. Fullheart5 May 27 2016 12:07 pm (Just my opinion). So, does it mean that Geu Rin actually was not the part of the family...?? He follows Ha-Neul. The ending was great for everyone.. The next day, Suk-Ho finds out the identity of the singer. But she had no charisma, she was a kind of "shadow" she made me bored. Yessy Apr 20 2016 4:41 pm I think i'm too obsess with that drama, Jung Hwan. Gallie Apr 21 2016 12:42 pm Totally worth watching.. Major love <3, 4head Jun 16 2016 6:27 pm Fighting! Just my personal comment. He looks a bit like Yoon Gyun Sang (Pinocchio-older brother of Choi Dal Po-Ki Ha Myeong-Lee Jongsuk, but not exactly). But after reading comments I should give it a try. Jisung deliver a very great performance as Shin Suk him so much! FIGHTING. At first i was dissapointed as bogum is not the lead but then i saw JISUNG's name and then i just screamed! I also think its deserve a better viewer. fighting Tantara!! In the drama, the band is called “Ddandarra Band.” Literally, the Entertainer Band. Believe me DS and Green are different, with different walks of life and relationships. Ep 16 doesnt make sense. It is obvious that your relationship is doubtful, because there force its sympathies or antipathies which in advance call into question cast of main characters. He's so cute and hot omg! The first 2 episodes were funny and touching. OMG hyeri the female lead for this drama ???? I love how it seems to be a light and fun drama about music and band yet there are many secrets behind them and how they revealed that secrets one by one. Ji Sung is an amazing actor and I believe in any show he is in, so just give this one a chance.