Location: This den is located against Motostoke's city walls in the Bridge Field area.. Common Raids. After knocking out the first one, you'll then be allowed to catch Zacian (Sword) or Zamazenta (Shield). Galarian Weezing is a Poison/Fairy-type Pokémon and #251 in the Galar Pokédex for Pokémon Sword & Shield. [PPP] Confuse Ray (30) Flip a coin. Switches Xatu's held item with the target's. All rights reserved. Raises Xatu's Defense and Special Defense by one stage. [P] Prophecy - Look at the top 3 cards of either player's deck and rearrange them as you like. Xatu stands rooted and still in one spot all day long. View All Versions. If the level is 1, it can be relearned at a Pokémon Center. Xatu , a Mysteric bird-like monster, is … All in all, Xatu will make a great addition to your team, just make sure she uses a set that isn't outclassed by anything else in UU. Below is a list of what Xatu's weakness and resistance is to various types. Opponents hit by the fur could be in for three full days and nights of paralysis. This article is part of Project TCG , a Bulbapedia project that aims to report on every aspect of the Pokémon Trading Card Game . No matter what, you can't catch the other version's legendary Pokémon, so don't bother trying to. Fighting. Infatuates Pokémon of the opposite gender. Low chance of working on consecutive turns. Xatu swaps any modifiers to its Attack and Special Attack with the target's. Looking for a particular Pokémon? [F] Bone Attack (20) Flip a coin. Costs 25% of Xatu's max HP. Below you'll find a list of all Pokémon Xatu evolves from or into, along with its evolution method. Lowers all nearby enemies' Defense by one stage. Xatu 79 Cosmic Eclipse. Galarian Weezing is the fully-evolved form of Koffing. ©2000–2012, 2019 Marriland and its licensors. Xatu. The Fairy Gym battle against Opal in Ballonlea is one of the tougher ones you’ll have to go through in Pokemon Sword & … Switches places with Xatu for the rest of the battle. S7 | Episode 46, Xatu the Future Def by one stage. Psyshock uses the target's Defense stat to calculate damage instead of its Special Defense. SWSH02: Rebel Clash. These are the Pokemon Masters you can add to your team Mime Jr. (Sword) Weaknesses. SM Cosmic Eclipse. There are 400 Pokémon in the Galar Pokédex in total. Has a 10% chance to burn all nearby enemies. The attacker will receive the same status condition if it inflicts a burn, poison, or paralysis to the Pokémon. Doubles your whole team's Speed for the next 3 turns. Because its wings aren’t yet fully grown, it has to hop to get around. Transfers any major status conditions affecting Xatu to the target. Has a 10% chance of raising Xatu's Defense by one stage. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support. Abilities: Synchronize - Early Bird - Magic Bounce (Hidden Ability): Synchronize: When this Pokémon becomes Poisoned, Paralyzed, or Burned, so does the opponent.However, Fire-type and Water Veil ability Pokémon cannot be Burned, Poison-type and Steel-type and Immunity ability Pokémon cannot be Poisoned, and Limber ability Pokémon cannot be Paralyzed. They say that it stays still and quiet because it is seeing both the past and future at the same time. Xatu hits hard at any time, but needs a little help (Will+Shrine). Xatu is a Psychic & Flying Pokémon which evolves from Natu. Heavy fog doesn’t show up until the post-game, and snow and sand storms don’t appear until you reach Hammerlocke for the first time, which is about half-way through the game. Underneath its wings are designs that resemble red eyes. Xatu's feet have only two toes, one in front and one in back. Fails unless the target uses a damaging move. As low as: $0.09. Has +1 priority. Pokemon Sword & Shield Crown Tundra Xatu moves, abilities, and EV spreads for Gen 7 OverUsed. Sets up a Substitute to block effects and damage. 20% chance of lowering the target's Sp. It is vulnerable to Dark, Ice, Rock, Electric and Ghost moves. Xatu is a green condor-like Pokémon with long, red-and-black tipped white wings that cover most of its front. Changes the target's ability to Simple until the target switches out. As you type, you should see suggestions in the search box to make sure you spell the Pokémon's name correctly! Weakness: P. Resistance: F. Retreat Cost: 0. Here are all of the moves that Xatu can learn via TM (Technical Machine). Weakness / Resistance / Retreat Cost: Dx2 / F-30 / 1: ... SWSH01 Sword and Shield Base Set. Xatu swaps any modifiers to its Defense and Special Defense stats with the target's. Alpha Sapphire: Xatu is known to stand motionless while staring at the sun all day long.